Gramos Aquapeel Ultra - Painted and Plastic Surfaces

Aquapeel Ultra
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Gramos Aquapeel Ultra - Painted and Plastic Surfaces

Gramos Aquapeel Ultra is a specially designed peelable protective coating that is suitable for multiple surfaces within modern paint spray booths. The unique formulation overcomes difficult applications like painted and plastic surfaces that commonly cause issues during removal. An easily sprayable, white pigmented, water based peelable protective coating based on advanced polymer technology. The product is designed for application to paint spray booth walls etc to enable paint overspray deposits to be quickly and easily removed. Booths are maintained in ‘as new’ condition providing the ideal paint spraying environment.

Gramos Aquapeel Ultra provides a dry plastic temporary coating that will facilitate ‘capture & containment’ of even the heaviest paint overspray deposits which can then be quickly and easily removed by peeling off the coating for disposal during routine booth maintenance.

The product is “Ultra surface” and suitable for application to all commonly encountered booth finishes - bare metal (normally galvanised), painted, plastic etc. Recommended to be removed every 3 months prior to reapplication, depending on the degree of overspray contamination.

The product is ideally suited for the protection of walls within low bake temperature spray and bake booths. Orapi Applied Gramos Aquapeel Ultra is also suitable for use as a temporary sacrificial protective coating for most commonly encountered industrial substrates in the construction, marine and general manufacturing industries. 

Once dry the coating exhibits a high level of water wash off resistance and is inherently UV stable making it suitable for use as an outdoor protective coating.

Note: Not suitable for use on Perspex or polystyrene surfaces.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to use: Can be applied by conventional spray equipment.
  • Dense white film: Excellent background reflection.
  • Equipment is easily cleaned with water: Does not require use of thinners etc.
  • Economical in use: Wet film thickness of 400μm.
  • Good resistance to most commonly encountered paint overspray.

Available in:

  • 4 x 5l container (A4618)
  • 25l drum (A4618)
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