The Situation: Back in 2018, a well-known automotive manufacturer invited one of our technical sales managers to visit their plant. When visiting, he noticed that they were using a petroleum-based coating to protect the floor plates, tracks and grills against paint contamination.

The Challenge
: The coating they were using did the job, but was very difficult to remove. The cleaning staff needed to remove it with thinners every day. In addition to this, the petroleum-based coating and the thinners are bad for the environment.

The Solution: We suggested using our water-based
Barrier Film WS. We put the product into trial and found that it worked perfectly. It could be left on longer before being removed, which cut labour costs and saved time.

There was also no need for thinners anymore because the new product is water-based. It is cheaper and more cost effective than the old product and as a result they have saved £400,000 in the last 2 ½ years.

In addition to that, the new water-based
Barrier Film WS product is a lot more environmentally friendly when compared to the petroleum-based coatings and thinners they were previously using.

Even well-known manufactures are still able to improve their procedures, as well as reducing their impact on the environment.

By working with us, we can help you to improve your workflow, saving you time and money.