The Situation: Back in 2019, at the production line of a packaging company, they found themselves constantly struggling to deal with the adhesives and hot melt that they used as part of their production process.

They would be required to constantly wipe down their machinery and equipment, trying to prevent the hot melt and other adhesives from curing. This resulted in hours of down time and time spent cleaning.

The Challenge: During a period when they were required to meet increased production quotas, this was of particular concern. They had to stop frequently to clean down the hot melt and adhesives, preventing them from reaching their goals.

They knew that they had to do this to prevent shutdowns, which would only make production slower in the future. Once the hot melt cures, it becomes even harder to remove, resulting in more down time and possibly damaging the machinery. This led them to question their methods and try to find a more efficient solution to this problem.

The Solution: When we were approached and asked if we had any products that were able to help them with this problem, we recommended Orange Solvent. This product is an excellent adhesive remover, having been specially designed for this purpose. The combination of D-Limonene and other specially formulated solvents, allows Orange Solvent to get rid of even semi-cured hot melt.

While Orange Solvent is a more expensive product, making the switch ultimately saved this company time and money, when compared to what they were using before. They did not have to spend as much time cleaning, allowing their production line to more productive. They are still using this product today.

Orange Solvent Wipes are also available, which are a low-lint wipe, impregnated with the Orange Solvent solution. We also offer Orange Solvent Plus, which is a version of this product with a higher concentration of D-Limonene, making it more suitable for specific applications.