The Situation: In 2013 we were requested by a distributor to visit the plant of a manufacturer of heavy construction vehicles. The manufacturer was using our Propeel protective coating in their spray booths, but during discussions on site, it became clear that further improvements could be made in other areas of their production.

The Challenge: They were having issues with their water treatment system, which involved a problem with paint floatation. This resulted in them having to clean their tanks up to four times per year.

As a result of them purchasing their current water treatment products through a distributor, they were not receiving the technical support that they required to solve this problem.

The Solution: Our technical support team recommended that they try our TAKKILL HS D4700 water treatment product, with a separate flotation product TAKKILL PEL D4705.

We felt this would give them better control, improving paint flotation and halving the amount of tank cleaning. Due to our competitive price, this resulted in a large cost saving.

They initially implemented these products in one of their booths as an extended trial. This proved to be successful, and six months later they made the same changes to their second booth as well.

As part of our continuing appraisal of the system and changing Health and Safety issues within their company, we decided to trial our TAKKILL FM D4704 and TAKKILL Additive PEL D4702 products. These are neutral products and fitted their new green environmental approach to chemical products within their factory processes.

The system proved to be highly successful and we then went on to promote this product within the group.

Working together with us allowed this manufacturer to optimise their paint booth process, using our technical expertise.

They understood that because we manufacture our own products we have a deep understanding of what these products are capable of. Using this knowledge they were able to save time and money.