Gramos Barrier Curtain - High Tack, Dust Control Curtain

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Gramos Barrier Curtain - High Tack, Dust Control Curtain

Barrier Curtain is designed using premium woven cotton with a high tack resin, essential as air filtering material within critical areas to collect and contain airborne contamination. 

Packaged as a handy 86cm wide roll, Barrier Curtain can be hung as a traditional curtain, used as a screen or as a false ceiling. The open weave construction collects lint, dust and other fibrous particles whilst not restricting air flow.

The Gramos Barrier Curtain is an air filtering curtain manufactured from an open woven material impregnated with non-drying tacky resin to trap and hold dust, lint and other fibrous particles which are airborne. Barrier curtain has the effect of spreading out strong localised air currents over wider areas at lower velocities so that the airborne dust particles are allowed to settle or become trapped in the tack surface. 

Common uses of barrier curtain are:

  • Air filtering partitions to screen off dust or lint producing areas to stop the spread of contamination.
  • False ceilings to catch dust falling from overhead roof trusses, pipes and ledges.
  • Dust screens for open windows and inside open doorways.
  • Air filtering partitions to screen off dust free areas for painting, silk screen printing, engineering standard rooms, assembly of precision parts and other operations where dust free conditions are required.

Features and benefits:

  • Contains flame retarding resin.
  • Good dust filtration efficiency.
  • Little impediment to light, air and vision.
  • Easily constructed – low costs.
  • Long life.

Available in:

86cm x 50m (D3080)

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