Orapi Process

Graphene PMUC

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Orapi Process

Graphene PMUC



Micronized graphite-based dry lubricant in aerosol form for easy application, formulated to treat surfaces that require a lower coefficient of friction.


  • Chemically inert; does not decompose in high temperatures; conducts electricity well (coating for interior and exterior cathode tubes).
  • Can be used in presence of oxygen, at very low temperatures without oxygen after evaporation of solvents.
  • Forms a perfectly uniform, dry film.
  • Lowers the coefficient of friction, protects parts against contact corrosion and prevents premature wear, diminishing the risk of damage due to partial or complete wrenching.
  • Demonstrates greater effectiveness than some other solid-based
  • coatings with various additives, since Graphene GB does not catalyse decomposition.
  • Recommended especially for stainless steel assemblies.
  • Dry lubrication of metals and plastics.
  • Bonds exceptionally well to all surfaces.
  • Conducts electricity well.
  • Unlike traditional oils and greases, dry grease does not attract dust.


  • Workshops for mounting, repair, etc.
  • Industries related to the nuclear industry.
  • Treatment of metal and plastic parts to protect against friction.
  • Lubrication in dusty environments (flour, sand, cement, fibreglass, etc.)
  • Lubricate in temperatures as low as -70°C; aspect and consistency do not change according to circumstances.
  • Mould releasing, especially with tin.


405 ml Aerosol (non-flammable)

650 ml Aerosol

PMUC 650 ml Aerosol

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