Industry Sectors


Our Gramos range finds extensive use in the automotive industry. We are experts in paint shop processes, with a wide range of products designed for each step of the process. 

This includes various products involved in dust control (TAKrags, TAKmats and anti-static dusters), as well as water treatment, surface coatings and metal pre-treatment products.

Our Orapi Process range also has a wide range of industrial lubricants and oils suited for use in the automotive industry.


Our Transnet range of vehicle cleaners are specifically designed to clean every type of vehicle. This includes both interior and exterior vehicle cleaning for light, heavy and even construction vehicles. 

We have a wide range of traffic film remover products, suited for variety of different applications and cleaning requirements.

We also have products designed for use in vehicle preparation, including engine lacquers, wheel cleaners and tyre dressings. During the winter months, our Apple Screenwash and Ice Melt products are incredibly effective at making sure you are safe on the roads.


Orapi has a range of products specifically approved for use in the Aircraft Industry. These products cover a variety of uses and applications ranging from industrial lubricants, solvents and adhesives to applications requiring cleaning and dust control products. This range can be grouped into four categories: cleaning, lubricants, assembly and release.

These products have been designed for use in the this industry and meet the required specifications for many industry standard approvals.


Many of our products find use in the maritime manufacturing industry. All types of boats and equipment that require a high quality paint finish will be produced in a spray booth. Our wide range of Gramos products are perfectly designed for every stage of the spraying process, ranging from small to large scale. These product ranges include: water treatment, metal pre-treatment, surface cleaning and protective coatings.

We are also experts in dust control, specialising in products that will allow you to reduce the amount of refinishings during your production process. Our signature TAKrag range offers a wide variety of resin impregnated tacky cloths, ideal for removing dust from surfaces, prior to painting.


Orapi offers a wide range of products suited for use in the construction industry. Our Orapi Process range has many specialised lubricants, greases, oils and solvents suited for a variety of industrial applications. 

We are also experts in dust control and protective coatings, which are used very effectively in this industry. This includes our wide range of Gramos TAKrags and TAKmats, which can be used to greatly reduce the spread of dust and other contaminants throughout different areas of construction sites.

General Manufacturing

Our Orapi Process range consists of many products, designed with specific applications in mind. These products find many uses in industrial manufacturing processes. This product range consists of solvents, greases, lubricants, detergents, adhesives, thread lockers and many more. 

Our Gramos range of products also finds use in many areas of manufacturing, specifically where paint shops are involved. We are experts in dust control and water treatment products. The Gramos range consists of products designed to handle every requirement your paint shop might need. From TAKrags to minimise dust contamination, to specially designed protective coatings for your walls and surfaces, we have you covered.


We offer a wide range of cleaning and hygiene products well suited for the hospitality industry. These products will ensure that your premises are kept to the highest standards of cleanliness, while disinfectating and sanitising.

Our BE range also consists of specialist products that are designed to be used in areas where food preparation takes place. These products include grease trap removers, odour removers and cleaners for food contact areas.


Orapi Hygiene is the Orapi Group’s professional hygiene division, established when Argos Hygiene, Raynaud Hygiene and Pro Hygiene Services (PHS) merged. It represents 70% of the global group’s turnover. 

We work in every sector, including transportation, industry, local government, healthcare, cleaning companies, and recreation/shops. Our goal is to provide a precise, high-quality response to each of our clients’ problems.

Orapi Hygiene is a market leader in professional hygiene product and equipment manufacturing and sales.

Orapi Hygiene offers a wide selection of products designed for each client and industry.

Our range provides the products and equipment that meet our clients’ needs in terms of food hygiene, bathrooms, linens, floors, surfaces, handwashing, etc., as well as disinfection, waste treatment, brushes, trolleys, equipment and more.

Our products are designed to provide specific, effective answers to each issue in all professional environments.


Our NATO approved products find wise use in the military sector. These products include a wide range of solvents, adhesives, greases, oils and industrial lubricants. 

These products are suited for use in industrial maintenance and manufacturing for a variety of different applications

Energy Sector

We offer a wide range of products suited for use for various applications within the energy sector. 

Our Orapi Process range consists of products that meet PMUC specifications. The products that hold these approvals come in the form of greases, oils, releasing agents, sealants and more.

We also offer various dust control products used for the manufacturing of wind turbine blades.