Kitchen Manufacturing - Paint Shop Product Range

Our products are used extensively in sectors such as kitchen and furniture manufacturing, where high quality paint finishes are a critical requirement. Our dust control products ensure minimal resin transfer, allowing you to reduce the number of refinishings during your manufacturing process.

Our technical sales team is also able to offer a high level of knowledge and expertise and are able to assist you in determining the ideal products for your application. This expertise is essential when deciding which product is going to allow you to fully optimise your spray booth.

Dust Control

Woven Cotton TAKrags

The Original TAKrag (D3023) - Medium Tack, Tacky Cloth

The Original TAKrag is the industry standard wipe used within any area for the removal of dust contamination. Combining premium woven cotton with a medium tack resin the Original TAKrag provides excellent dust collection and retention.

The Original TAKrag Light (D3017) - Light Tack, Tacky Cloth

The Original TAKrag Light combines premium woven cotton with a light tack resin. Specifically designed for use with base and clear coat systems to ensure a dust free surface without risk of surplus resin deposits.

Specialist Cleaning Wipes

DG Wipes (D3084) - Low VOC Degreasing Wipes

DG Wipes are low lint, low VOC, aqueous degreasing wipes for all degreasing applications. Resealable packs, high quality fabric. Suitable for multiple surface finishing and degreasing applications, effectively removes oil, grease and grime.

Aqua Wipe (D3086F) - Lint Free, Ultra-low VOC, Anti-static Degreasing Wipes

Aqua Wipe is a specially developed, non-linting cleaning wipe. This is based on high quality, strong tear resistant non-woven microfibre fabric which is impregnated with a tightly controlled quantity of specially formulated, water based, biodegradable cleaning/degreasing fluid with anti-static agents.

Floor Mats

SDA TAKmat - Super Dust Absorbant

SDA TAKmats are an effective method of preventing foot borne contamination from entering or leaving protected zones. SDA TAKmats are free standing, multi-layered, floor mats. Each layer is coated with a non transferable resin. When placed at the entrance to sensitive areas they compel pedestrian traffic to step-on step-off the mat.

Protective Coatings


Propeel (G4602) - Standard

Propeel is a white, light-reflective, solvent-based, temporary coating designed for application to all smooth, clean metal spray booth walls. This provides an easy method of maintenance and is resistance to solvents once dry.

Propeel HD (G4600) - Heavy Duty

Propeel HD is a heavy-duty, viscous liquid which dries to leave an off-white, tough, peelable film. It offers a simple, yet effective method of maintaining and protecting non-solvent-sensitive floors and other surfaces from abrasion, paints, oils, resins, and dilute acids and alkalis.


Tacky Surface Coating (A4512) - Removes Airborne Particles

Tacky Surface Coating is a water-based solution, specially formulated for application to painted spray booth walls. The film does not completely dry out at ambient temperatures and its tacky surface collects and holds dust - greatly assisting in keeping the spray booth area free from airborne particles which can be detrimental to the finished article. 

Aquapeel (A4605) - Standard

Aquapeel is a white, water-based, temporary coating designed for application to smooth, clean metal walls in order to provide an easy method of maintenance. The dried film collects paint over-spray and contamination and is readily peelable to enable even heavy over-spray deposits to be quickly and cleanly removed.

Hand Care

Kleenall Paste (D7030) - Cleaner with Poly-beads

Kleenall Paste is a pleasant and easy to use paste that has become a market leading product for the removal of paint, resins and adhesives. The original Kleenall Paste is lightly perfumed and free rinsing.

Kleenall Protect (D7068) - Moisturiser and Barrier Cream

Kleenall Protect is a premium quality conditioning cream that moisturises the skin to prevent against cracking. Kleenall Protect is also a barrier cream, applied frequently it protects against dirt and enables easier cleaning which means that less aggressive hand cleaners are needed.

Kleenall Liquid (D7067G) - Cleaner With Poly-beads

Kleenall Liquid is a powerful liquid version of our renowned Kleenall Paste. Kleenall Liquid is an easily dispensed poly-beaded hand cleaner that provides impeccable performance for professionals in the painting, printing and engineering areas.


Barrier Curtains (D3080) - High Tack, Dust Control Curtain

Our Barrier Curtain is designed using premium woven cotton, with a high tack resin. This is essential for air filtering material within critical areas, as it allows it to contain airborne contamination. Packaged as a handy 86cm wide roll, Barrier Curtain can be hung as a traditional curtain, used as a screen or as a false ceiling.