Gramos KleenTAK - Knitted Polyester, Medium Tack

KleenTAK Pack
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Gramos KleenTAK - Knitted Polyester, Medium Tack

The Gramos KleenTAK is based on a specially selected, white high quality / high strength, continuous filament, box knit, polyester substrate, impregnated with a non-drying resin.

Specifically designed to remove and collect dust, dirt, fibres, hair etc from prepared surfaces prior to finishing, painting or enhancement. KleenTAK is impregnated to the optimum weight ratio with a unique resin system to provide extremely high absorbency and containment retention.

Features and benefits:

The continuous filament polyester fabric used in KleenTAK provides strong, tear resistance whilst also ensuring high dirt absorbency to maximise dirt retention.

The specially formulated tack resin maximises dirt pick-up whilst preventing possible resin transfer, whilst also ensuring that the Gramos TAKrags will not dry out.

KleenTAK is for use where all types of paint systems are employed and is particularly effective with the premium paint finish demanded by automotive manufacturers.

Available in:

10 x 50 bulk pack (D3057)

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