Metclean AD4851 - High Performance Surfactant Additive

Metclean AD4851
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Metclean AD4851 - High Performance Surfactant Additive

Metclean AD4851 is a high-performance detergent additive designed for use in metal working processes. It contains a concentrated blend of surfactants and sequestrants that can be used to efficiently clean and degrease components ready for further processing.

Metclean AD4851 can be used in a range of metal working processes. It is highly effective as degreaser in acid pickling solutions and is ideal for degreasing metals prior to galvanising, phosphating, and conversion coating processes. It can also be added to acidic or alkaline spray wash and immersion cleaners to boost the performance of cleaners on areas of stubborn contamination.

Metclean AD4851 is used extensively in iron phosphating lines where the concentrated additive can be used as a dedicated pre-treatment for components prior to phosphating. The powerful detergents clean and degrease components preparing the surface metal for the phosphating process. It can also be used to improve the degreasing performance of combination cleaner coaters - augmenting the detergents found in these products when additional cleaning power is needed.

Features and benefits:

  • Liquid formulation
  • Suitable for use with automated dosing systems
  • pH neutral detergent additive
  • Compatible with acidic and alkaline systems
  • Powerful emulsifying action
  • Excellent soil suspension and long tank life
  • Concentrated surfactant blend
  • Excellent degreasing performance
  • Compatible with other Orapi Applied products
  • Tailored solutions to suit most applications

Available in:

  • 25l

Product Code: B4851

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