Metclean DX4802 - Copper Brightener

Metsoak DX4802
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Metclean DX4802 - Copper Brightener

Metclean DX4802 is a concentrated formulation designed to remove oxides and tarnish from yellow metals to leave a clean bright finish. It combines powerful detergents and acids to produce an economical alternative to traditional metal brightening products.

Metclean DX4802 has been designed as a single stage immersion treatment and is typically used at ambient temperatures eliminating the need for specialist heating equipment.

Metclean DX4802 has been designed to provide a safer alternative to chrome-based brightening products. The chrome free formulation allows for safer use and reduced disposal costs. It is compatible with a range of storage tanks and equipment set ups allowing for flexible use on a range of component types.

Features and benefits:

  • Combined acid / detergent product
  • Cleans and brightens in one easy stage.
  • Chrome free
  • Safer to use and easier disposal.
  • Designed for use at ambient temperatures
  • Specialist heating equipment is not required
  • Concentrated formulation
  • Reduced operating costs

Available in:

  • 1000l

Product Code: C4802

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