Metclean DX4845 - Acidic De-oxidiser/Degreaser

Metclean DX4845
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Metclean DX4845 - Acidic De-oxidiser/Degreaser

Metclean DX4845 is an acid based combined degreaser / de-oxidiser for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It contains a synergistic blend of mineral acids, emulsifiers and surfactants that allow it to penetrate stubborn grease deposits and rapidly remove tarnish and rust from most common metal alloys. The built-in corrosion inhibitors protect the base metal from chemical attack and ensures components remain in optimum condition throughout treatment.

Metclean DX4845 is the perfect product for treating mixed metal components and is suitable for use on steel, zinc and aluminium alloys. It is also suitable for treating copper and copper alloys however these should be treated in a separate wash system to avoid electrochemical reactions with other metals.

Metclean DX4845 is a flexible formulation that is suitable for application by low misting spray or in immersion tanks. The liquid formulation is fully compatible with automated dosing systems. It is economical to use and can be readily diluted to suit a range of applications. It can be used at ambient temperatures or heated to increase penetration on areas with heavy contamination.

Features and benefits:

  • Liquid formulation
  • Suitable for automated dosing systems
  • Advanced formulation
  • De-oxidises and degreases in one operation
  • Concentrated formulation
  • Highly effective performance at low concentrations
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Minimal attack on base metals
  • Suitable for use at temperatures up to 80°C
  • Reduced processing time at elevated temperatures

Available in:

  • 25l
  • 205l

Product Code: C4845

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