METFORM O.F GEL (Mandrel Tube Bending)

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METFORM O.F GEL (Mandrel Tube Bending)


METFORM O.F Gel is a multi-purpose, mineral oil free, synthetic lubricating gel. It is specially formulated for mandrel tube bending operations.

It incorporates a highly effective blend of extreme pressure and lubricity additives that provide lubrication when bending both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The gel consistency keeps the product where it is required during the bending operation providing maximum performance for improved component quality and reduced tool wear. Product residues are easily removed using neutral or mildly alkaline aqueous cleaners.

METFORM O.F Gel has been specially designed to allow application through the mandrel reducing wastage and ensuring the lubricant is applied to the correct areas. This eliminates the potential for components to be bent without sufficient lubricant which can damage components and place additional stresses on tools and equipment.


• Non-drip gel formulation - stays exactly where you need it

• Non fuming

• Water washable

• Versatile formulation

• Eliminates the need for cleaning prior to welding

• Highly effective in most bending applications

• Easy residue removal

• Suitable for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals

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