Metprotect AD3730 - Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid

Metclean AD3730
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Metprotect AD3730 - Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid

Metprotect AD3730 is an amine based corrosion inhibitor for use in hydrochloric acid pickling solutions. Its use permits the removal of rust and mill scale with minimal attack on the base steel substrate. This has two advantages, it results in a more even surface finish and it slows down the build-up of free iron, extending the life of the bath solution.

Metprotect AD3730 has been designed for use on ferrous metals and does not inhibit attack on aluminium, magnesium or zinc.

Metprotect AD3730 is not suitable for use in strong acid pickling solutions where the stripping of zinc coated parts and / or jigs is likely to take place due to the generation of high levels of foam which may blanket the tank.

Features and benefits:

  • Protects base substrate against attack
  • Results in a more even finish
  • Slows the build up of free iron in bath solutions
  • Extends the life of the bath solution
  • Very stable in hydrochloric acid solutions
  • Long lasting protection
  • Economical formulation
  • Effective protection at low in use concentrations
  • Liquid formulation
  • Easy addition and material handling

Available in:

  • 25l

Product Code: C3730

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