Metprotect SV3702 - Dewatering Rust Preventative

Metprotect SV3702
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Metprotect SV3702 - Dewatering Rust Preventative

Metprotect SV3702 is a solvent based product, formulated from modern synthetic materials which provide superior dewatering and rust preventative properties and dries to a clear, very thin, oily film. The product offers corrosion protection of treated components for up to twelve months internal storage, depending on climate and atmosphere.

Metprotect SV3702 is suitable for use on all metals including copper and aluminium alloys and is ideal for porous conversion coatings, such as chemically blackened steels. It is also resistant to contamination and emulsification, making it particularly suitable for final stage corrosion protection after machining or cleaning processes involving alkali, acid or solvent. 

Metprotect SV3702 is also an excellent product for maintenance or service engineers, because it cleans, dewaters, protects and lubricates all in operation. It can be used on electrical mechanisms, car ignition systems, switchgear, vending machines, and other mechanical assemblies. It can be easily removed if required, by alkali or solvent processes.


  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Excellent dewatering action
  • Excellent water separation
  • Dries to thin oily film
  • Cleans, dewaters, protects and lubricates
  • Low odour
  • Corrosive action


  • Keeps parts rust free between operations and in final storage
  • Displaces water, machining coolant and condensation
  • Prevents re-applying water to components
  • Easily removed if necessary
  • Ideal single maintenance or servicing product
  • Ideal for spray applications
  • Non on metals, will deteriorate certain rubber materials

Available in:

  • 25l drum (E3702)
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