Metsoak AK3925 - Heavy Duty Alkali Immersion Cleaner

Metsoak AK3925
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Metsoak AK3925 - Heavy Duty Alkali Immersion Cleaner

Metsoak AK3925 is a powdered alkali immersion cleaner designed to remove the drawing lubricants typically used during wire drawing and tube bending processes. It contains a powerful blend of caustic alkalis, surfactants and sequestrants that can rapidly penetrated and breakdown the highly stable lubricants typically used in these processes. The unique blend has proven effective at removing soap-based, semi-synthetic and synthetic lubricants leaving the finished product clean and residue free ready for use.

Metsoak AK3925 can also be used in general immersion cleaning applications where a high degree of alkalinity is required. It has proven effective as a general-purpose degreaser and rust remover for the engineering and reconditioning industries.

Metsoak AK3925  has been designed as a 100% active powder. The concentrated formulation provides excellent cleaning ability at low dosage rates making it an extremely versatile and cost-effective product.

Metsoak AK3925 is suitable for use on all ferrous metals, concrete, and some plastic materials. It is not suitable for use on non-ferrous metals, particularly aluminium and zinc as these materials will be significantly corroded on contact.

Features and benefits:

  • Powdered product • 100% active - can be diluted to required strength
  • Readily soluble
  • Easily diluted in water
  • Heavy duty formulation
  • Breaks down soap based and synthetic lubricants
  • Contains surfactants
  • Increased soil penetration and improved rinsing
  • Suitable for use at temperatures up to 100°C
  • Reduced processing time at elevated temperatures

Available in:

  • 25L

Product Code: B3925

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