Metsoak AK3945 - High Strength Immersion Degreaser And Rust Remover

Metsoak AK3945
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Metsoak AK3945 - High Strength Immersion Degreaser And Rust Remover

Metsoak AK3945 is a highly alkaline powdered immersion degreaser and rust remover designed to remove contamination and corrosion typically encountered in the engineering, manufacturing, and reconditioning industries. It contains a powerful blend of caustic alkalis and sequestrants designed to penetrate areas of heavy contamination and remove soils including rust, oil, oxidised grease, paint, and engine deposits. The 100% active powdered formulation has been designed to create a stable, long lasting working solution when dissolved in water, and will continue to provide excellent cleaning performance well beyond the life of similar products.

Metsoak AK3945 contains a powerful blend of chelating agents and surfactants that make it a highly effective treatment for the removal of surface rust and oxidation. The unique formulation lifts surface rust before irreversibly binding holding the iron within solution to prevent redepositing. This highly efficient method can be used as an alternative to acid-based rust removers reducing the risk hydrogen embrittlement in some sensitive alloys.

Metsoak AK3945 is suitable for use on ferrous metals however it is not generally suitable for use on non-ferrous metals which may be corroded by extended contact. It is not suitable for use on aluminium, zinc, copper, or their alloys which are likely to be significantly corroded.

Features and benefits:

  • Powdered product
  • 100% active - can be diluted to required strength
  • Readily soluble
  • Easily diluted in water
  • Heavy duty formulation
  • Penetrates areas of heavy contamination
  • High levels of sequestrants
  • Efficient removal of rust and corrosion
  • Contains an advance surfactant package
  • Effective degreasing with low foam production

Available in:

  • 25kg
  • 205kg

Product Code: B3945

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