Metsoak SV3952 - Heavy Duty

Metsoak SV3952
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Metsoak SV3952 - Heavy Duty

Metsoak SV3952 is a two phase liquid. The lower phase contains a powerful blend of chlorinated solvents and wetting agents whilst the upper phase contains corrosion inhibitors. Components are immersed in the solvent phase which softens and loosens carbonised oil deposits and then are withdrawn through the corrosion inhibited upper phase. This water seal reduces solvent losses and minimises vapour levels in the working environment.

Metsoak SV3952 is used cold in soak tanks and is particularly suited to many reconditioning and maintenance cleaning operations. It provides single stage decarbonising of various engine, machine, motor, compressor and burner components.

Metsoak SV3952 is suitable for use on all metals. Care should be taken however with varnished, resin, rubber and plastic surfaces as they may be adversely affected.

Features and benefits:

  • Contains powerful solvents
  • Removes stubborn oils, grease and carbon
  • Has built in water seal
  • Prevents evaporation and reduces the solvent vapours
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Minimal tank changes are required

Available in:

  • 25L
  • 205L

Product Code: F3952A

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