Metsolv 4001 - Semi-aqueous Degreaser

Metsolv 4001
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Metsolv 4001 - Semi-aqueous Degreaser

Metsolv 4001 is an aqueous based product comprising solvents and detergent in a de-mineralised water base.

Metsolv 4001 finds widespread application within the engineering industry as an alternative to conventional air drying solvents. Formulated for the removal of light oil and general machine shop soils, the product dries to leave minimal residues. 

The solvents incorporated with the product are not subject to the Montreal Protocol and offer much safer and environmentally friendlier alternatives to chlorinated solvents. The product being semi-aqueous is lower in V.O.C’s compared to conventional solvent degreasers and will contribute to the end users solvent reduction plans.

Features and benefits:

  • Semi-aqueous
  • Reduced V.O.C. content
  • Fast evaporating
  • Will air dry to leave minimal surface residues
  • Low pH
  • Compatible with most common metals

Available in:

  • 25L
  • 205L

Product Code: D4001

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