Metspray AK3850 - Inhibited Alkaline Detergent

Metspray AK3850
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Metspray AK3850 - Inhibited Alkaline Detergent

Metspray AK3850 is a blend of non-caustic alkalis with a low foaming detergent and sodium nitrite rust inhibitor. The product cleans and inhibits in one operation and is particularly suitable for spray washing applications.

Metspray AK3850 will remove a wide range of greasy and oily soils producing a bright, stain free finish, treated ferrous components are given short term protection against rusting in internal storage conditions. These properties make the product an ideal inter-stage component cleaner, particularly suited for the reconditioning industry.

Metspray AK3850 is suitable for use on ferrous metals, copper, brass and where a slight etch is not critical, aluminium, zinc and their alloys (the degree of etch will be dependant upon, product concentration, solution temperature and contact time).

Features and benefits:

  • 100% active powder
  • Economical in use
  • Caustic free
  • Compatible with most metals
  • Advanced surfactants incorporated
  • Low foam nature
  • Combined corrosion inhibitor
  • Protects ferrous components and application equipment

Available in:

  • 25L

Product Code: J3850

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