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SDA TAK®mats are an effective method of preventing foot borne contamination from entering or leaving protected zones. 

SDA TAK®mats are free standing, multi-layered, floor mats. Each layer is coated with a non transferable resin, when placed at the entrance to sensitive areas they compel pedestrian traffic to step-on step-off the mat. The physical pressure of standing on the mat ensures that any loose particles on the soles of the shoes are detached and remain in the resin. 

As the layer becomes saturated with dirt and soil it can be simply peeled away to reveal a new clean layer. The used layers can then be easily disposed of.

The user remains in control at all times and is not dependant on collection and removal schemes provided by external services.

Available in:

  • 61 x 91cm (2 mats, D3305)
  • 104 x 91cm (2 mats, D3304)
  • 152 x 91cm (1 mat, D3303)
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