Gramos TAKrag Light - Woven Cotton

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Gramos TAKrag Light - Woven Cotton

The Gramos TAKrag Light is like the the original general purpose TAKrag, but with a lighter resin content - used in any area for the removal of dust contamination. Different sizes and packaging are available to suit the individual and bulk user needs. Also available are larger sizes for maximum area coverage. The TAKrag Light is an ideal tool in the fight against contamination.

The Gramos TAKrag Light combines premium woven cotton with a light tack resin. Specifically designed for use with base and clear coat systems to ensure a dust free surface without risk of surplus resin deposits.

Features and benefits:

The light tack level of this TAKrag ensures a resin free surface after use.

The Gramos TAKrag Light ensures excellent dust collection and retention with the added assurance of sealed seams to prevent lint fall out for user confidence.

The specially formulated resin ensures the Gramos TAKrags will not dry out.

This product is designed for use where all paint systems are in use and particularly suitable where water based paints are employed.

This product is suitable for use in many applications prior to painting such as:

  • OEM Automotive painting
  • Automotive exterior component manufacturers (e.g. thermoplastic bumpers, grilles, body panels and spoilers).
  • Automotive interior component manufacturers (e.g. thermoplastic facias and dashboard components).

Available in:

  • 20 x 10 individually wrapped (D3017)
  • 10 x 50 bulk pack (D3017)
  • 1 x 50 dispenser (D3017)
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